Tiny Franklin From My Wife And Kids Isn’t So Tiny Anymore


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Remember the tiny, squeeky-voiced kid from popular noughties TV show My Wife And Kids? Well, he’s not so tiny anymore!

Noah Gray-Cabey appeared on the show as Kady’s boyfriend, Franklin, the child-genius who was the constant thorn in Michael Kyle’s side – however, fast-forward fifteen years, and things aren’t quite the same. (Yes, people age, I know.)


Yep, the little lad has changed a lot. He’s currently attending Harvard University, which, if you knew his character on the show, is not surprising in the slightest. Oh, and he’s also attending their gym, a lot, which is pretty evident in the following Instagram photos…

Gym Rule no. 1: never trust a fart while lifting. #smellybench #gym

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Nip slip #freetheniple

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Oh, yeah, there’s Gerard Butler, too…

Ran into Leonidas at the gym. Best Sparta my workout. #punny

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Since his stint on My Wife And Kids, Noah has also starred in CSI: Miami, Grey’s Anatomy and Heroes – but is putting his educating first.

Good lad.