Trainspotting Legend Francis Bourgeois Surprises Followers With Hilarious Moonwalk Video

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Trainspotting Legend Francis Bourgeois Surprises Followers With Hilarious Moonwalk Video@francis_bourgeois43/Instagram

Francis Bourgeois, aka the internet’s favourite trainspotter, surprised his followers as he moon-walked his way to the weekend. 

Though trainspotting is a popular hobby, it’s not something that typically captivates everyone. Somehow, however, Bourgeois has made a name for himself through the incredible and heartwarming TikTok videos that see him standing by the tracks and waving at all kinds of trains as they go past.


Francis continually manages to captivate thousands through his sheer excitement at the prospect of seeing a train coupled with the incredible angle of his camera, which often sits on top of his head and depicts a very distorted-looking Bourgeois as he comments on the models and types of the passing carriages.

He is so beloved, in fact, that he even made headlines for simply going out clubbing:


Bourgeois has racked up an impressive 1.4 million followers on TikTok, which forms the stage for his videos, as well as 754,000 on Instagram where he posts ‘behind the scenes train spotting and [his] TikTok videos’.


This morning, November 19, Bourgeois shared an Instagram Story showing himself in his happy place – next to a train track, with a train in the station ready to board.

Rather than strapping his camera to his head and commenting on the train next to him, however, Bourgeois surprised viewers by placing his camera on the ground and performing an impressive moon-walk across the platform before twirling his way back to collect the camera.

Alongside the video, he wrote: ‘Have a lovely moon-walkey Friday everyone’.

Check it out below:




Joe Jonas Went Trainspotting With Francis Bourgeois And The Internet Can’t Get Over It

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Though the clip might not have been the content viewers expected from Bourgeois, it portrays exactly the kind of simple joy we have come to know and love him for.

In spite of what his social media accounts may indicate, Bourgeois doesn’t spend all of his time checking out trains, and is actually currently studying engineering at the University of Nottingham.


Speaking to The Face about his newfound fame earlier this year, the student explained that his viewers have ‘shared very personal feelings and emotions about how [his videos] have helped them overcome hard times.’

He described the responses he’s had to videos as ‘very moving’, adding: ‘The number of messages has been almost overwhelming. It really spurs me on.’

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Francis Bourgeois/Instagram
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