Transgender Man Documents Transition With Three Years Worth Of Selfies


Jamie Raines/YouTube
A 21-year-old transgender male took a selfie every day for three years to show just how long it actually takes to transition.

Jamie Raines started his journey at the age of 18, taking testosterone in order to develop a masculine physique. Three years down the line and you’d hardly recognise him.

In an interview with Buzzfeed Jamie spoke of how originally his intention was just to monitor changes in his appearance, but now the images can be used to demonstrate how patience will pay off for people going through a similar scenario.

To start with differences were hard to identify.

Jamie Raines/YouTube
Jamie Raines/YouTube
But over time they became more and more noticeable.

Jamie Raines/YouTube
Jamie Raines/YouTube
To the point that people now struggle to believe Jamie was ever anyone other than who he is today.

Jamie Raines/YouTube
Jamie Raines
To watch his transition in full check out the video below.

Good on you Jamie, your journey will undoubtedly serve as a great support to anyone fighting the same battle.


Kieron Curtis

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