TransPennine Express Had The Perfect Response To Tweet From Rude Commuter

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While I normally despise rail networks across the country, I’ve always known that TransPennine Express and their lovely purple upholstery were good eggs. 

Nothing proves this more than their recent social media win, where they slammed a commuter who veered dangerously close to being transphobic with an ill judged tweet.

Rather than just read a book, play on his phone or one of the many other things you can do to distract yourself while riding on a train, this particular customer decided to moan about his fellow passengers, The Huffington Post reports.


One passenger in particular, to be precise, who happened to be wearing a dress and stockings, something this guy disagreed with, apparently.

He tweeted: 

Evening @TPExpressTrains Guy on the seat opposite me is wearing stockings and a dress – what is that all about?

Now whoever’s running TransPennine Express’ Twitter account clearly wasn’t putting up with this bullshit, and rather than ignore the message or tweet some pathetic pre-packaged pulp about commitments to diversity, they instead confronted the man who sent the tweet.

transpen 5Twitter

They replied:

Probably something to do with it being the 21st century now. As long as they have a ticket, everyone is welcome on our trains ^ZS

While we here at UNILAD Towers often claim that ‘Twitter doesn’t know how to react,’ this time they did, with applause for the railway’s brilliant use of social media.

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The furore was so bad, in fact, that the moaning tweeter deleted his account.

Let this be a lesson for all rude tweeters…