Trisha Paytas Says David Dobrik Shower Prank Was ‘Traumatic’ As Footage Resurfaces

by : Saman Javed on : 27 Feb 2021 17:34
Trisha Paytas Says David Dobrik Shower Prank Was 'Traumatic' As Footage Resurfacestrishapaytasbackup/Instagram/daviddobrik/Instagram

American YouTuber Trisha Paytas has called out David Dobrik for hiding in her hotel shower while she was in the room with her ex-boyfriend.

In 2018, Paytas was in Chicago with her boyfriend at the time, comedian Jason Nash, to visit Dobrik.

Trisha Paytas/Instagram

‘Two hours after we land we get in the hotel room and had sex or something like that and [Jason] is like ‘oh can you go and get me a tissue’,’ she told Ethan Edward Klein on the H3 Podcast this week.

‘I go in there and David’s in the shower,’ she said.

While Paytas did not consent to filming, or for the footage to be posted on YouTube, the video is still up and is also being monetised.


‘The things I didn’t consent to are still up there. Him scaring me in the shower, it’s really not funny. I asked him to take stuff down. I don’t want that sh*t out there,’ she told Klein.


‘This is the last vlog I’m in, I was not comfortable with this,’ she added.

Explaining the story behind the prank, Paytas said she had flown to Boston for two weeks to visit Jason and his family. The comedian then informed her they would go to Chicago to visit Dobrik.


‘We were in the hotel room for at least an hour, and he was there,’ she explained.

‘They did these pranks a lot, like scare pranks in my house but we were never having sex,’ she said.

‘But here’s the creepy thing,’ Klein asks her, ‘Why would Jason have sex with you for an hour knowing David was in the bathroom?’


Paytas briefly attempts to play down her ex-boyfriend’s role in the prank, stating: ‘It wasn’t an hour, it was maybe 15 minutes.’

‘But sex with you at all, that’s so disgusting, that’s such a violation,’ Klein says.

Paytas goes on to explain that she was meant to fly back with Nash the next day, but chose to stay in Illinois alone because she was ‘so weirded out’ by the incident.

Speaking about Dobrik’s reaction to her asking him not to post the footage online, she said the YouTuber was mad that she was upset about it and excluded her from all future vlogs for a month.


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