Trucker Tries To Wipe Out Bikers, Instantly Regrets It

by : UNILAD on : 22 Jun 2018 16:28
Truckers gets served revengeTruckers gets served revengeViralHog

Video has emerged of a trucker zipping his way through a street of bikers, only to instantly regret it when the decide to circle the guy and give him hell.

He didn’t get the memo. You don’t mess with bikers. No-one knows why, it’s just gospel.


For example, in my teenage years I once walked past a crew of bikers outside a pub looking for a light. ‘Alright lads,’ I said. ‘Gizza lighter will ya?’

When one of them handed me a zippo I barked back, ‘What kinda micro-dick compensating waste of space do you call this? I want to light a cigarette not start a forest fire, buddy.’

‘What did you say?’ the guy replied. ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me bro.’

Bikers get revenge on truckersBikers get revenge on truckersViralHog

‘Aw,’ I cooed. ‘Did I hurt your feelings? Go ride your little tricycle back to your mom’s basement and dampen her shoulder, not mine. Capisce?’

Within seconds I was spinning violently in the air, like when the toys throw Woody off the truck in Toy Story after he hijacks RC to save Buzz. Lesson fully learnt.

None of that happened, actually. It’s just how I imagine a run-in with bikers would play out.

So yeah, here’s a video of some zealous trucker getting impatient with a giant crew of biker bros:


Caught in Aurora, Illinois, USA, the video has since gone viral. Not everyone it seems, are on the side of the bikers.

One commenter wrote:

Gangs of bikers like this are incredibly intimidating to other motorists. Unsurprisingly if you are all taking over the road slowing everyone down, someone will get annoyed and overtake you. If you are unhappy with their driving, then call the police. Or better still, let them drive away and just shake it off. If you want a bad situation to unfold, then chase the driver, confront them, smash their window etc. If you chase an animal into a corner and they feel threatened for their safety, funnily enough they will lash out for their own survival and do whatever it takes to get to safety, so no wonder the driver then drove up the sidewalk and over someone’s bike. It was, what, 50 against 1, what did you expect? One day you’ll do this and that driver will have a gun. It won’t end well.

Bikers get revenge on truckerBikers get revenge on truckerViralHog

Another person, who claims to have actually been there, explained the bikers were perhaps not so innocent in how things played out:

I live in Aurora and I saw how this started when one of these rice burner riders kicked the door of the truck then these simple minded riders went after the truck driver. Three days after this incident at night another one of these ricer burners blocked traffic at a busy intersection in the same city and held up traffic going four directions just for the heck of it. A week later again at night another one of these looney tunes buzzed by me with a girl on the back of the bike and cut me off on the same four lane street.

They say some of these bikers came out of Chicago, maybe they did and maybe not. What ever the case is everyone of these riders should have their license taken away indefinitely because they don’t belong on motorcycles driving in my town. By the way, I also have been riding bikes for over 50 years and still do and I don’t associate with these kids on their rice burners that think they own the road.

It’s time to get off the bike and buy a tank to take care of this situation. Soon it will be summer again and we’ll see if we have more of these incidents. The cops in Aurora need to be on the look out, especially in the middle of the night to get this over grown chain saws off the roads.

Can’t we all just get along? Probably not. As you were.

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