Truth Behind Drake $20k Tip To McDonald’s Staff Revealed

by : UNILAD on : 31 Jan 2019 10:07
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The truth behind the viral story of Drake allegedly tipping two McDonald’s workers $10,000 each in cash has been revealed.


Several news outlets including The Daily Mail, NME and The Sun published stories on how the Canadian rapper reportedly gave two female McDonald’s workers what would be a hefty tip.

The stories were based on tweets shared by a user known as AJ, a University of Southern California alumni and ‘actor’, according to his Twitter bio.

Sharing a photo of Drake chatting to a female employee at a McDonald’s, on January 26 AJ wrote:


Just saw Drake in McDonald’s… crazy.

And he gave two female employees $10,000 each… in cash.

Although the tweet didn’t go viral receiving only 309 likes at time of writing (January 31), news outlets caught on sharing the story.

However, it turns out AJ was grossly exaggerating on Twitter as a McDonald’s representative has confirmed in a statement to E! News the tip was actually $200.

So each female employee received $100 each in cash, rather than $10,000.

The statement read:

Despite early reports, McDonald’s learned that the amount Drake tipped each employee was $100 not $10,000.


It is still a generous tip from the 32-year-old who on numerous occasions has shown kindness and generosity to others.

In August 2018, Drake made a surprise birthday visit to a young girl who was in hospital for a heart transplant.

11-year-old Sofia Sanchez was preparing for open heart surgery, but that didn’t stop her from taking on one of 2018’s most prominent viral trends; the Kiki challenge.

The Kiki challenge involved people dancing to Drake’s hit In My Feelings, with many getting out of cars which were still moving to do it.

The Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago shared a video on their YouTube channel of Sofia getting out of a wheelchair to dance to the song.

She hoped it would encourage Drake to come and visit her in hospital, and it worked.

Drake visits fan in hospitalDrake visits fan in hospitalLurie Children's Hospital of Chicago/YouTube

In a hospital blog post, Sophia sent a message to Drake saying:

I’ve been here for seven weeks and I just had open heart surgery because I have heart failure.

This week’s my birthday and this week’s your concert and I was hoping you could come cheer me up. I did the KiKi challenge. When you come here, I can show you. I hope you can come and cheer me up.

I need a heart so I can go home.


Hearing her message, Drake paid Sophia a visit, exchanged autographs and even performed his hit song God’s Plan by her bedside.

The video of the visit was shared by Lurie Children’s Hospital, with the caption:

Drake gave her the surprise of her life when he walked into her hospital room this afternoon, Monday, August 20.

The two bonded over Justin Bieber, basketball and Drake’s two dogs. Then they took selfies, exchanged autographs and together they sang his hit song, God’s Plan, Sofia’s favorite.

The Canadian Rap star was generous with his time. Sofia said meeting him was a miracle and it was her best birthday gift ever.

The following week Sofia had the heart transplant she had been waiting for.

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