Twitter User Shares The Stupidest Amazon Movie Reviews And They’re Hilarious


One of the greatest things about the age of the Internet is that anyone can have a go at reviewing, from Yelp restaurant reviews, to bizarre rants about body pillows there’s literally nothing people won’t review online.

Recently Amazon seems to have become the place to discuss the latest blockbusters, be they good or bad, and one brave hero has valiantly collected the most inane and stupid reviews the online merchant has to offer.

He’s even created an entire Twitter account devoted to them, the Daily Mail reports.

Joe Grabinski, 31, from West Des Moines, Iowa, is the genius behind the account and says he began the feed after he ‘stumbled across the reviews as a consumer… and [he] found the reviews comical’. This led to him wanting store all the silly reviews he could find.

After setting up the Twitter page, Joe said the account ‘took off within 24 hours’ and he has since amassed 160,000 followers online.

Here’s a selction of some of the funniest reviews Joe’s found.