Twitter Users Can’t Handle These Worst Celebrity Lookalikes You Can Actually Hire

by : Cameron Frew on : 03 Mar 2021 13:51
Twitter Users Can't Handle These Worst Celebrity Lookalikes You Can Actually Hirejameshamilton/Twitter/PA Images

Imitation is the supposedly the highest form of flattery. Unfortunately for these celebrity lookalikes, they’re miles away from their real-life counterparts.

If you’re blessed with having an uncanny resemblance to a famous person, you can forge a career – for at the very least, make some extra cash – as an impersonator, booked for local Christmas lights, charity nights and other parties.


However, not everyone in this trade looks exactly like their intended celebrity. Today, Twitter users have become fascinated and rather amused by some of the worst in the UK.

James Hamilton’s viral Twitter thread reads, ‘For absolutely no reason, here’s some genuine lookalikes you can hire from a UK lookalikes agency.’


First up is a Matt Damon lookalike who looks nothing like the Saving Private Ryan star. However, one user pointed out, ‘While he looks absolutely nothing like Matt Damon, he does look a whole lot like Russell Tovey who was in the thoroughly excellent Years and Years.’

There are also lookalikes for Sir Alan Sugar, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf, the latter of whom is pretty egregious. One user asked, ‘We’re absolutely sure this guy isn’t a James Caan but due to having never actually seen Elf is in the Will Ferrell role?’

There’s also Daniel Craig – who’s probably one of the better ones – and Deadpool in his full superhero suit. It’s not been confirmed if the person underneath looks like ‘an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado’.


Hamilton wrote, ‘I really have to admire the audacity of someone who makes themselves available to hire as a Deadpool lookalike. Got to admit, it’s flawless.’

There’s apparently a total of 12 Donald Trump lookalikes on the company’s database, as well as other politicians like US President Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Ed Miliband, Michael Gove (why would anyone want this?) and Kamala Harris.

The best of the lot is a Louis Walsh lookalike, with Hamilton writing, ‘Honestly, I think this might be the real Louis Walsh and he’s real desperate for work.’


There’s also a total of 38 Meghan Markle impersonators, as well as a ‘Princess Diana’ lookalike that puts forward a version of today where she didn’t die in 1997.

In addition to Hamilton’s thread, there are hundreds of replies with different lookalikes, from Harry Styles to Ricky Gervais, from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to a young Jeremy Corbyn protesting apartheid.


One user commented, ‘When I was little I’d have terrifying nightmares about people who looked like my parents but off, trying to pretend they were actually my parents and kidnap me and this thread has the same energy.’

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