Twitter Users Use Brutal New Hashtag To Destroy David Cameron

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As we all slowly get to grips with the fact the UK has just left the EU and the endless tirade of shit that has followed – as always, one comedic viral trend has emerged to take our minds off it. 

When Cameron’s Remain campaign was trampled into failure, the Prime Minister came forward and admitted his mistakes and, like the captain of a sinking ship, he announced that he would resign in three months’ time.

For the next three months, Cameron plans on calming down the markets – which have plummeted, in case you didn’t know – while giving enough time for the Conservative Party to elect a new leader.

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But in the meantime – Twitter too is rather busy, but they’re bogged down coming up with new careers for David Cameron using the hashtag, #SuggestAJobForCameron.

He might want to give his CV a polish.

Here’s some of our favourite options for Big Dave:

My God…

Also, earlier today, The Independent ran a piece on how ‘David Cameron will go down in history as the Prime Minister who killed his country’.

Could today get any worse for Dave? No. No it couldn’t.