Two Grown Men Decide Best Way To Resolve Road Rage Incident Is Brawl


Footage has emerged of a road rage brawl in Stockport.

Phil Foster was driving his HGV when a cyclist attempted to overtake him. The two grown men have an argument and decide the best course of action is to have a scrap in the middle of the road.

The scrap is fairly uneventful, Phil grabs the cyclist who attempts to land a few blows on him. Then some passersby try and diffuse the situation, separating the two men.

Phil’s dash cam catches the incident but we can’t hear any sound while they’re arguing outside. Which is a shame because as Phil goes to leave, and the cyclist tries to ride off, the two people who came to break up the fight seem to try and stop the cyclist leaving, for reasons unknown.

Phil, from Reddish, wrote in the video caption:

I was sat at the lights, a van was in the right hand lane with his left indicator on to come into my lane. As the lights changed to green, the car pulled off and the van eased in my lane. No problems or issues.

As I checked my mirrors, I saw a cyclist in my right hand mirror and presumed he would be turning right as he was in the right hand lane. As I passed the the turning he was still overtake the line of cars and was at the rear of my trailer and obviously going straight on.

I held my hand up in a shrug and then he shook his head.

Most comments seem to put the blame on the cyclist. The incident occurred at the end of October, but has just started doing the rounds online.