Utah TikTok Teen Says She And Her Mum Are Always Mistaken For Sisters

by : Cameron Frew on : 01 May 2020 12:22
TikTok Teen Says She And Her Mum Are Always Mistaken For SistersTikTok Teen Says She And Her Mum Are Always Mistaken For Sisters@ken.rian/TikTok

A TikTok teen and her mother look so alike that people always mistake them for sisters online. 


Just last month, Kennedy Rian, from Utah, uploaded a video to the social platform to celebrate her mother Chelsie D’Amico’s birthday. The clip, captioned ‘Happy birthday mamma, love you’, has since been viewed more than 5.6 million times.

However, those immense numbers don’t just stem from everyone wanting to wish Chelsie a happy birthday – people can’t seem to figure out whom is the mother or daughter. ‘You guys have to be sisters,’ one user wrote.


In the short video, Kennedy, 15, and Chelsie, 33, stand side-by-side while covering their faces with their hands, as messages appear on screen of things people have said about how alike the pair look. One comment reads: ‘You guys look like twins.’ Another reads: ‘No way she’s your mom.’

Even when they reveal their faces, you’ll probably need to have a closer look before deciphering whom is the mother. Chelsie is on the left, but from the 3,300 comments on the video, it seems a lot of people are in the same confused boat.

Mum and Daughter TikTokMum and Daughter TikTok@ken.rian/TikTok

One comment reads: ‘Nope unless she had you when she was five I’m not buying it.’ Another user wrote: ‘Wait who is the mom I swear I can’t tell.’ A further user wondered: ‘How old is she? Like 20?’

One person wrote: ‘Did ur mom have u in 4th grade?’, to which Kennedy responded: ‘She aged well I guess.’ The video has also amassed a whopping 628,000 likes, with Kennedy also topping more than 52,000 followers.

TikTok comments on Mum and DaughterTikTok comments on Mum and Daughter@ken.rian/TikTok

For some people, Chelsie and Kennedy reminded of comparisons made between themselves and their parents, with one user writing: ‘You guys remind me of my mom and I! We are identical and best friends! Love this! My mom had me right after turning 20.’

Chelsie ended up replying to the swathes of comments complimenting how young she looks, confirming that she in fact had Kennedy when she was 17 years old. She’s a married mum-of-three to Kennedy, a young daughter named Elliott and a son named Jagger.


In an earlier Instagram post, Chelsie mentioned that Kennedy can user her face to open her mum’s phone, writing: ‘I stole her from school today to go to lunch. She makes parenting a teenager a breeze. She can also unlock my phone with her face – which really is so weird because I don’t feel like we look THAT much alike.’

Mums and daughters who look insanely alike are becoming more common on TikTok – where’s all the near-identical dads and sons?

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