Video Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Incredible Reaction To Getting Egged Resurfaces

by : Julia Banim on : 01 May 2021 18:44
Video Of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Incredible Reaction To Getting Egged ResurfacesShutterstock

Old footage has resurfaced that shows Arnold Schwarzenegger’s incredible and on-brand reaction to getting egged.

The eggs were thrown at Schwarzenegger in September 2003, just before he gave his first major speech for his Governor of California campaign.


Crowds had gathered at California State University at Long Beach to see the Kindergarten Cop star speak, some wearing Terminator T-shirts and brandishing ‘Young Voters For Arnie’ signs. However, it would appear that not everyone was a fan.

Check it out below:

Just as the iconic action star was shaking hands with adoring supporters, an egg was thrown from somewhere in the tightly packed crowd.


Many first time political candidates may have betrayed a flicker of annoyance at the very least, but not Schwarzenegger.

Smoothly shrugging off his conveniently yellow blazer, Schwarzenegger’s beam didn’t dim a single watt, and he even had the coolness to deliver a pretty funny one-liner once he reached the microphone.

Appearing to be more amused than angered by the slimy protest, Schwarzenegger quipped:

Well, this guy owes me bacon now. There’s no two ways about it. Because you can’t have eggs without bacon.

Arnold SchwrzeneggerPA Images

The 18-year-old video recently popped up on Reddit, where modern fans expressed admiration for Schwarzenegger’s breezy response.

One person commented:

A show of strength in being unfazed by it is an absolute power move.


Another said:

His responses are always loving, happy, and compassionate!

Arnie went on to add: ‘This is all just part the free speech, I think it’s great. You see these people here, screaming? Imagine you are in some communist state or some dictatorship, you couldn’t do that. That’s why I love this country. And you have to take the whole package when you love something.’

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