Video Resurfaces Showing Weasley Twins Troll Interviewer Into Thinking They’re Not Related

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 18 May 2021 17:59
Video Resurfaces Showing Weasley Twins Troll Interviewer Into Thinking They're Not RelatedEurogamer/YouTube/Warner Bros.

A hilarious video showing the Weasley twins trolling an interviewer has resurfaced online.

Oliver and James Phelps play the iconic Harry Potter duo and perfectly trolled an interviewer into thinking that they weren’t twins in real life, convincing her they just happened to look extremely similar.


The cringe-worthy video was conducted by a EuroGamer interviewer at GamesCon more than a decade ago, and it started off pretty rocky when the interviewer didn’t even know the two actors’ names.

The interview then asked whether James and Oliver are ‘twins in real life’, to which Oliver replies, ‘No – it’s quite a weird story. We met at the audition process.’

James and Oliver Phelps (PA Images)PA

The interviewer goes on to say how ‘lucky’ the producers are that the two of them look so similar, which the two brothers agree with while trying not to laugh.


James then tells her they are only 13 minutes apart in age, but she still doesn’t cotton on to the fact that they’re twins.

She then proceeds to ask if they’re red heads in real life – as Harry Potter fans will know the Weasley family are famous for their red hair. James responds by saying their natural hair colour is slightly darker than the colour seen in the movies.

The interviewer even says she’s done some ‘extensive research on Wikipedia’ but, again, still doesn’t address the elephant in the room of Oliver and James quite obviously being twins.

Watch the interview here:


People were quick to comment on the interviewers obliviousness on the video, which resurfaced on Instagram yesterday, May 17.

Hackney’s Finest posted the clip alongside someone’s tweet that read, ‘A wise man said one time, “Answer a stupid question with stupid answer”‘, and it’s safe to say the Phelps brothers did just that.

One Instagram-user wrote, ‘They actually took the right piss outta her,’ as someone else joked, ‘When the acting classes finally pay off.’


Meanwhile, another person said the twins’ response was ‘effortless’.

People have also hilariously responded to the original YouTube video on the cringeworthy interview. One YouTuber wrote, ‘She did extensive research on them but didn’t find out they’re twins?’, as someone else said the interviewer was the ‘best ever’.

10 points to Gryffindor.

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