Video Shows Terrifying Moment Teen Gets Slapped By A Seagull At 75mph

by : Daniel Richardson on : 22 Jul 2021 18:11
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A video has shown the moment a 13-year-old girl was hit in the face by a seagull at New Jersey’s Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Park.

On July 13, Kiley Holman was celebrating her best friend’s birthday at a theme park when a strange incident occurred. While she was on the ride called the SpringShot with her friend Georgia Reed, Holman was struck by a seagull.


As the ride begins to propel the teenagers, a seagull can be seen flying into the picture and hitting Holman in the face.

Check out the video:

The seagull would have hit Holman at 75 mph, but it seems the teen was not hurt despite the screams. The bird also looked to fly away after being stuck on her face, but it’s unclear whether it survived the collision.


On the back of the footage being released online, the incident quickly went viral. As a result, Holman has discussed what happened with Fox News.

The teenager said:

I knew there was no going back and it was just going to hit me. I didn’t know what to do so I wait for it to spin over. I just grabbed it and threw it off me quick.

It was unclear exactly what happened from the ground, but Georgia’s mother, Arena Reed, said, per the Daily Mail, ‘I saw the wings fall from the vehicle, but at first I thought they were tickets.’


Fortunately, the incident hasn’t been too much of a shock, and Arena noted that the teenagers couldn’t stop laughing after they got off the ride.

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