Viral Video Shows Lads Eating World’s Hottest Chilli And It Doesn’t End Well

First We Feast/YouTube

Let’s be honest, this probably isn’t the brightest idea ever…

Eating the ‘world’s hottest chilli pepper’ would always end badly, even if you had gallons of milk nearby to soothe the fiery pain.

First We Feast/YouTube

But at least these guys – Sean Evans and Chili Klaus – filmed their painful ordeal so we could have a little laugh at their expense.

After doing a bit of talking about how the Carolina Reaper isn’t just hotter than the devils dick ( it’s pretty fruity too, apparently), the two blokes got down to business.

First We Feast/YouTube

At first, they seem to be enjoying the spicy peppers, but after a few seconds it descends into pure, unadulterated pain.

From there on in Klaus, pretty much permanently waves his hands about, sticks his fingers in his ears and gets all the hiccups. Not fun times.

First We Feast/YouTube

They both said they could feel the burn in their necks as they continued to suffer in the Hot Ones YouTube video.

But don’t worry, it was all OK in the end though. With the two men hugging it out and declaring their love for each other. Bro’s.

First We Feast/YouTube

A lot of people seemed to enjoy watching the pain and suffering, with over 778,000 people watching the video since it was uploaded on December 3.

The commenters, understandably, found it pretty hilarious. One commenter said: “Damn dude it’s so hot it gives you tourettes”, whilst another added: “LMFAO, this was pure gold. oh man i feel bad for those two.” So do I.

A final commenter summed it up pretty well, asking: “Why would something like this even exist?” My thoughts exactly.

One thing’s for sure, I won’t be eating one anytime soon…