Viral Whopper Jack Jones Meets Greasy Karma And It’s Glorious

by : UNILAD on : 10 Feb 2016 15:23
Jack Jones Face Pic -20949-1411483233-8Jack Jones Face Pic -20949-1411483233-8Jack Jones looking cool

If you have used Vine in the last couple of years – or simply checked your auntie Val’s Facebook account – you’ve probably seen the desperate three-something-minute videos of one Jack Jones and his attempts to annoy the public.


His portfolio of cringe – which includes classics such as ‘You Wanna See My Balls Prank’ and ‘Stealing People’s Hats Prank’ – spreads pretty far. He has amassed some three million fans on social media and his other social accounts show some pretty healthy numbers.

He is just one of a handful of ‘comedians’ who shot to fame in recent years when Vine became too short for their insane (and mostly scripted) banter, forcing them to make much, much longer videos for the Facebook masses.

However, as of yet, not many of these front-facing camera knob heads have tasted their own medicine. But now, that time has come – and the UK have none other than Discoboy-Lee Marshall to thank.



In a video posted to Facebook last night, Discoboy pulled off possibly one of the funniest 46 seconds of footage we have seen in a long time… “PIZZA CAM!”

Jack Jones cried to the police cause he got a bit of pizza in his face, this fake twat has the banter of a Dead Cat, it's ok for him to go round doing shit to people but the second the tables are turned watch ✊?

Posted by Discoboy-Lee Marshall on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

We spoke to Discoboy shortly after the video went viral. This is what he had to say:

“I thought everyone liked pizza lol, he’s pissed enough people I know off and this was just a little taster of his own medicine. He spat his dummy out and showed everyone what he’s really like.”

“The Archbishop of Canterbury had more banter when I done a video with him in it, he’s the most unfunny false person I have ever known.”




The whole situation is a classic case of being able to give it out but not being able to take it, however, what we’re more concerned about is the absolute waste of a good slice of pizza.

I have also just enjoyed a video featuring Jack Jones for the very first time. It’s a strange old day. Keep up the good work, Jack.


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