Vladimir Putin Singing ‘Creep’ By Radiohead Will Haunt You Forever

by : Tom Percival on : 20 Mar 2017 16:50

At the risk of contracting a sudden case of ‘disappeared suddenly in the night’ syndrome I think we can all agree that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an odd guy. 


Or at least I find him odd,  there’s something about the way he rides around shirtless on a horse that i just find … unsettling. Maybe that makes me a creep, or a weirdo.

Anyway if you needed proof that the controversial Russian leader was something of an oddball then you should check out this video of him playing the piano and singing Blueberry Hill.

Here he is…


I’m not sure quite what I find so troubling about the performance. It could be that Putin is one off the most powerful people on the planet and that seeing him humanised in such a way causes some weird form of cognitive dissonance my brain cant’t handle.

Or it could be that this looks spookily like the time I went to a TESCO Christmas party and the store manager made all the staff watch him do Karaoke and clap like obedient seals.

Either or really, they’re both troubling.


The only way this could get way worse is if someone dubbed it over with Creep a song so depressing and indeed creepy that Radio One refused to play it when it was first released.

Oh wow look someone did because it’s the internet and that’s where dreams go to die and nightmares are born every five minutes.

Get the brain bleach on standby if you’re watching this…


Of course Putin didn’t really sing Creep, it’s just a clever re edit by the YouTube channel… Kremlin Official?

We’re guessing that’s not the real Kremlin YouTube account but to be honest who the fuck knows with Russia.

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