Vulture Hitches Ride On Paraglider’s Selfie Stick In Once In A Lifetime Footage

by : Mike Williams on : 14 Oct 2020 16:14

Two extreme sports enthusiasts got more than they bargained for when a vulture decided to land on their selfie stick mid-flight.

The amazing footage was captured when the pair of gliders were out casually taking a trip through the air, using their selfie stick to video the momentous occasion. Out of nowhere, a huge vulture decided to land on the stick – much to the surprise of the man holding it.


The video, uploaded to Reddit, has already amassed around 31,000 views since it was shared a few short hours ago. Edited over it is the Fleetwood Mac song Dreams, which is currently doing the rounds online as a result of the Dreams TikTok Challenge.

This clip appears heavily inspired by it, thanks to the effortless demeanour of the bird, and originated from TikTok user @420doggface208 (real name Nathan Apodaca), who took to his skateboard to show the world how chilled he was going down the street.

The originator’s post, dating back to the end of September, further went viral when Mick Fleetwood got involved with the trend.


But back to the video, where footage of the bird of prey shows it looking particularly unfazed by the human encounter, as it nonchalantly glides past and stops for a rest (admittedly without a bottle of Ocean Spray in its grasp).

The confident scavenger even comes back again, landing a second time to take in the moment. After a curious nibble on the contraption, the vulture simply takes flight, gliding off to continue on its journey.

Despite the woefulness of 2020, it’s nice to see that there are at least still some good parts to share.

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