Watch Overjoyed Man Receive Massive Bag Of Weed For Xmas


Admit it, one of the best things about getting is older is how Christmas changes from the season of ‘getting’ to the season of ‘giving’. 

There’s nothing better than the moment a friend  or family member tears off some overpriced wrapping paper and their face cracks into a smile when they see the perfect gift you got them.

And perhaps no other video ever recorded has captured that moment better than this particular video which shows a grown man close to tears after unwrapping the gift his girlfriend got him.

The short clip shows an anonymous man reduced to euphoric jelly, like a kid who’s just been given a new Xbox,  when he opens up his Christmas present and discovers a colossal bag of weed.

In fact in many was he’s more excited than a kid, fumbling with the bag in a desperate attempt to get it open and play with his new toy.

Not that we condone drug use, it just brings a tear to my eye to see someone so happy on Christmas Day.

It’s a better gift than the seven Lynx gift sets I got, that’s for sure!