Weed-Loving Couple Name Kids After Two Strains Of Cannabis

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 12 Feb 2020 17:06
Weed-Loving Couple Name Kids After Two Strains Of Cannabis@iFredLee/Twitter

It’s not unheard of for people to name their kids after something they love – Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s love of a certain fruit, for example – so this couple’s names for their kids shouldn’t be all too surprising.

Excited uncle Fred Quinn shared the news on Twitter yesterday, February 11, that his brother had had his second child, and there seemed to be a trending theme with what he was calling his kids.


His first niece was born in October 2018, and Fred excitedly tweeted about her unique name then, too.

Following the birth of his second niece this month, Fred replied to his original tweet from two years ago. While the original tweet received almost 4,000 likes, yesterday’s tweet earned itself 81,500 likes, proving his brother’s naming technique is certainly a popular one.

The tweet read:


UPDATE: My brother is excited to announce the birth of his 2nd daughter! ….and before you ask, yes, her name is exactly what you think it is.

Fred then shared a screenshot of a text with his brother, Victor Groce, displaying a picture of his new niece and announcing she’s called Indica.

For those without in-depth weed knowledge, SaTiva and Indica are two species of the cannabis plant. And Victor and his partner evidently paid tribute to their appreciation of marijuana when naming their children.

Weed-Loving Couple Name Kids After Two Strains Of CannabisFred Quinn

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Speaking to UNILAD, Fred said his brother confirmed his daughters were in fact named after marijuana strains, though he does think the names sound good too.

Fred said:

[Victor] was the source behind the names. He said that his love for marijuana, and the fact that the words themselves ‘sound good’ led to him naming his first daughter SaTiva in 2018, and subsequently his 2nd daughter (born 7 Feb 2020) Indica.

He figured that most younger students won’t know the meaning of the words, so bullying in school wouldn’t be much of an issue. He didn’t want to outright name either of them Marijuana.

Hopefully meeting these two beautiful girls with their unique names will be a symbol of how harmless and beautiful (actual) marijuana can be.

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Fred went on to say how he felt a ‘range of emotions’ after his brother told him about the name of his first niece two years ago.

He added:

When I was told about the birth of SaTiva two years ago, I went through a range of emotions. I was shocked, then angry, then truly humoured – I realised who my brother is and how passionate he is about the legalisation of marijuana, and once I finally got to see her, I just fell in love.

I don’t live in the same city as my little brother anymore, so I didn’t even know that him and his girlfriend were pregnant. When I got the message with a new child and Indica’s name… all I could do is smile and think, ‘Just like Victor… gotta love it.’


Whether you like the names or not, you’ve got to agree the girls are pretty darn cute. And it’s safe to say they’ll be the only ones in their classes with such unique names.

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