Weird Back Door Built Into Kitchen Worktop Is Leaving Everyone Confused

by : Saman Javed on : 09 Dec 2020 12:16
Weird Back Door Built Into Kitchen Worktop Is Leaving Everyone Confusedjamwilkes/Twitter

There are probably few things creepier in the world than discovering hidden passages in your home.

But to the surprise of one man viewing a prospective new flat yesterday, the back door of the property was hidden under the kitchen worktop.


A video posted to his Twitter account shows the user lifting up the kitchen counter to reveal a set of stairs underneath. At the bottom of those stairs, a door can be seen leading out of the flat.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop thinking about the back door….’ the user wrote.

The bizarre arrangement of the flat has been liked more than 68,000 times, and left Twitter users more than confused.


One user said, ‘I can’t decide whether that’s super creepy or super cool.’

Another joked, ‘Imagine if a killer came up those stairs and inadvertently yeeted your Weetabix everywhere whilst you’re trying to have breakfast. No-one wants a cereal killer to appear in their kitchen.’

Some users, thought the floor plan was straight out of their childhood dreams.


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‘I LOVE IT!!! If I was a kid, and that was my kitchen, I would be living the dream,’ one person wrote.

Another said, ‘That’s awesome! But…I’m also imaging mistaking that cupboard for a real one, reaching in to get something, and ending up in the garden with a broken neck.

Others also speculated about the location of the flat. One man said he is so desensitised to London property that he thinks passageways like this are mostly normal.


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