Weird Bets Being Made About Three Unborn Kardashian Babies


A gambling site is taking bets on all sorts of crazy stuff and there’s no reason why celebrity pregnancies shouldn’t be part of the fun I guess.

With media reports that Kylie Jenner is pregnant that means three of the Kardashian girls are expecting – Kim , Khloé Kardashian, and half-sister Kylie.

Twitter/Kim Kardashian

That means a whole new generation of Kardashians will be old enough to have their own reality TV shows and make-up companies and rapper husbands before the current crop is ready to retire.

Talk about building an empire.


And now BetOnline is helping people cash in on the the expected Kardashian kids with a load of odd bets.

You can bet on a load of things around the births, from baby weight to the first letter of the as-yet unborn babies’ names (probably ‘K’ though obviously).


There are even bets about the Tweets that will be sent by the family after the birth, what a world we live in…


I’m not sure if betting on pregnancies is easier or harder than betting on sport. Obviously, pregnancy is full of uncertainty but the Kardashian girls are probably going to have the best doctors money can buy.

And it’s not like they have jobs to stress them out.

One of the biggest payouts is if all the girls have boys, which would make their make-up lines and future rapper husbands interesting at least.


However, TMZ are reporting that Kylie and Kim are almost certainly having girls.

And TMZ have crazy sources on celebrity stories.

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