Wendy’s Clapped Back So Hard At A Troll That He Deleted His Account


Wendy’s has had enough of Twitter trolls, and frankly, who can blame them?

When the fast food chain innocently tweeted about the fresh quality of their beef burgers, one man decided to offer his own critique which was both unwarranted and inaccurate.

Fear not, Wendy’s Public Relations and Social Media Managers came to the rescue and totally schooled the guy.

The Twitter dick, who goes by ‘Thuggy-D’, probably had a good giggle as he sat behind a computer screen claiming that everyone laughs at the chain’s slogan which claims all their beef burgers are fresh.


Sticking to the smiling face of the Wendy’s brand, ever polite, the official Twitter feed explained they’d only ever used fresh beef since day dot.

Unfortunately, Thuggy – who probably spends his spare time writing wanky TripAdvisor reviews – misunderstood the concept of food transportation trucks and fresh-seal…

He’s clearly not got a mum who owns excessive amounts of Tupperware.


…Or a refrigerator, for that matter, as Wendy’s were all too quick to point out.

When Thuggy compared Wendy to Ronald, the confrontation peaked.


I guess this guy got his burger handed to him flame grilled from the side of burn he ordered up.

If there’s one single thing we could all learn from 2016, it’s that trolling is not big or clever and rather than going viral, it really implies that you’re a virus on human decency.

…And you’ll piss Wendy off. Don’t anger Wendy.