Were You Fooled By This ‘Illuminati-Confirming’ Facebook Post?


One brazen Facebook user has successfully fooled thousands after re-sharing a post from December 2015.

Pablo Reyes, as the user is known, has received over 70,000 shares on the post which ‘predicted’ the 2016 deaths of Prince, Muhammad Ali, Kimbo Slice, the success of Hillary Clinton in the U.S. election, plus a grim ‘premonition’ about a mass shooting.

Check it out:

Call me crazy but in 2016 Hillary Clinton will be the first female president, the world will go crazy over the death of…

Posted by Pablo Reyes on Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wow, how could Pablo know all this, and is Donald Trump’s political rhetoric just the poison that will ‘kill’ him escaping his body?

No, Pablo is just well versed in editing Facebook posts.

Pablo took the classy move of editing an old post 24 hours the tragic killing of at least 50 members of the LGBT community in Orlando.

You can see simple proof of this by clicking on the ‘more options’ tab on the post, then viewing the edit history.

You can see the edit and the original below.

So the genie is out of the bottle, and no doubt the Facebook pages of ‘social media mystics’ will continue to pop up.

But piggybacking off the back of a tragedy to convince the world you have a crystal ball? Weak.

Don’t get taken in.