What The Internet Says Hogwarts Would Be Like If It Was In The US


There’s no bigger disappointment in a kid’s life than the day of their eleventh birthday, when their Hogwarts acceptance letter doesn’t arrive but we can all imagine what it would have been like.

Some people on Reddit are taking it a bit further though and imagining what life would be like if Hogwarts was in America.

There are a lot of comments about feasts in the great hall having larger portions, tuition being higher and funniest of all how Voldemort would probably just have been shot.

Check out some of the best comments below.

Wizard kids would be better informed about what muggles do.

Very patriotic.

Some people put a lot of though into this! I’d read these books.

Some people were brutally realistic.

Very political!

Subtle dig at American football.

Wild, wild wand work!

Excellent knowledge of American mythology.

American’s think we have a good rail network?

Don’t base your impression of an entire country on a TV programme.

If these comments have got you excited about the American wizarding world, we’ll be seeing it soon enough on the silver screen in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.