White House Staffers Played A Really Creepy Snowman Prank On Obama



They know how to have a good time in the White House don’t they?

It’s not all about international relations and climate change targets, sometimes it’s about playing pranks on Obama with fake snowmen.

White House photographer Pete Souza has been posting photos of the snowmen moving closer and closer to the Oval office


Before President Obama came into the office, staff moved the snowmen so that each one was peaking through a different window in the Oval, Buzzfeed reports.

That sounds pretty creepy to be fair.


Obama’s sense of humour never fails him, and he thoroughly enjoyed the prank.

Some people found a way to make the prank a lot creepier…

The people of Twitter enjoyed the prank a lot, and the White House post got over 17k likes.

Thankfully it was just the snowmen spying this time.