Will Ferrell Roasts Himself In Awesome Speech At University


Will Ferrell just got an honorary doctorate and absolutely slayed in his incredible speech, savaging himself in the process. 

Will Ferrell proved he’s got brains as well as a cracking wit for quick quips, as he stood up to receive his honorary doctorate from the University of Southern California on Friday.

The comedian king sent the university’s class of 2017 off with a bang, during his commencement speech yesterday, throwing in a cocktail of comedy corkers, self-slaying humour and of course a bit of Whitney Houston, because well, why not?

Here he is in action:

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He started off with:

I would like to apologise to all the parents who are sitting there saying, ‘Will Ferrell? Why Will Ferrell? I hate Will Ferrell! I hate his movies!’

He even managed a swipe at President Trump, as I can imagine the opportunity was too good to pass up on.

He joked:

 I’m still waiting to get paid by Trump University. Actually, I owe Trump University money.

The actor did leave the students with a few words of wisdom at the end though, intent on imparting some worthwhile advice.

He added:

For many of you who don’t have it all figured out it’s okay, that’s the same chair that I sat in. Enjoy the process of your search without succumbing to the pressure of the result.

Trust your gut, keeping throwing darts at the dart board, don’t listen to the critics and you will figure it out.

Here’s his full hilarious speech:

Here’s a little known fact for you – the Zoolander star originally graduated from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism in 1990, bagging himself a degree in sports information, before embarking on his career in acting.

But now he’s got a doctorate as well, which means Will is officially a Dr and let’s be honest that is pretty fucking cool.

Does that mean we have to refer to him as Dr Ferrell from now on?