Wired ‘Retro’ Headphones Are Now A Trend Widening The Gap Between Millennials And Gen Z

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Nov 2021 13:34
Wired 'Retro' Headphones Are Now A Trend Widening The Gap Between Millennials And Gen Z@thedigifairy/TikTok

For millennials such as myself, there were few things cooler back in the day than a chunky iPod in an acid-bright shade of orange or green.

In recent years, Apple products have become sleeker, with a more subtle, sophisticated colour palette. This, of course, feels far more grown-up, but it admittedly isn’t quite as fun as the era of bright and quirky phone charms.


Now, internet and youth trend forecaster The Digital Fairy has predicted ‘the fall of the Apple aesthetic’, and the rise of ‘vintage tech nostalgia’ among members of Gen Z.

Check it out below:


This includes a liking for ‘retro’ (!) wired headphones, phone charms and phone covers that emulate the sort of hot pink flip phones many of us millennials coveted way back in year nine.

Although The Digital Fairy noted that Apple has attempted to respond to such trends, referencing ‘colourful late ’90s iMacs and recent coloured iMacs, she believes these are ‘a little too muted, a little too bland’ to really appeal to Gen Z.

As someone who uses wired headphones simply to save money rather than as any sort of fashion statement, I can’t help but feel about one thousand years old right now.

Find out more from The Digital Fairy here.


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The Digital Fairy/TikTok
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