Woman Accidently Adds Stranger On Facebook, Ends Up Marrying Him


Well isn’t that nice.

A woman in America who accidently added a stranger as a friend on Facebook got more than she bargained for, when the pair fell in love and ended up getting married.

Patsy Sutton mistook John Neeley for a former classmate with the same name, but he was actually a stranger living 400 miles away.


It started online, and after chatting together for a few weeks they exchanged phone numbers, often staying up until the early hours chatting. Their relationship then developed further, with the pair meeting up, and they got married not long after.

Patsy said:

John was always such a gentleman. He’d like and comment on my posts and tell me I was beautiful.

We began to talk more and more. My grandson even told me to ask John on a date as he noticed we were always messaging.

I wasn’t nervous at all the first time I spoke to him, we’d become such good friends that we could talk about anything.


Time to start adding strangers on Facebook then, who knows who you’ll meet.