Woman Asks For Free Drinks On Wetherspoons App, Things Get Out Of Hand


Ah, the Wetherspoons app. The greatest invention of modern times, up there with the wheel, the internet and the concept of an independent Yorkshire republic. 

In new evidence supporting the idea no-one has ever used the app legitamately and without a trace of banter, a student in Maidenhead zapped a tweet out to the general public asking for freebies only to get an array of random Spoons goods.

25-year-old Perrie Game from Berkshire tweeted her location and table number in the mad hope randomers would respond in jest – and boy did they.

Taking no chances, Perri then added her alcoholic preference – gin:

Before she knew it, the G&T’s were flying in from every corner, overwhelming her wildest dreams:

It wasn’t just booze. Perri also got some peas to help line her stomach:

She told the Mirror:

It was hilarious. It was the first time the staff there had been made aware strangers could purchase drinks for a table – they were like what the f*ck is going on?

We had to make friends with a group of strangers to help us drink the drinks because there was only two of us out.

So in conclusion, Perri got handed more complimentary gins than you can shake a stick at – free of charge – and people say modern life is rubbish.

Bet the hangover wasn’t great, mind you!