Woman Burnt Her Boyfriend’s Penis With A Hair Straightener, Gets A Suspended Jail Sentence


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“It looked as if you had cooked a piece of meat,” said Bronwyn Joy Parker, 22, after inflicting third-degree burns to each side of the shaft of her boyfriend’s penis.

If you have a penis this story will make your stomach do backflips. I would like to state from the outset that I sincerely don’t find it funny. It’s fucking horrible and disgusting. Here’s the story:

Ms. Parker, from South Australia, has pleaded guilty to recklessly causing harm over the incident which has mutilated her then boyfriend’s genitalia.

A District Court Judge, Paul Muscat, has said the crime was one of the “most unusual” he had ever encountered. I tend to think that language is kind of soft. Judge Muscat has sentenced Ms. Parker to nine months’ jail, BUT suspended that sentence if she does an 18-month good behaviour bond.

hair straightener

Hair straighteners can reach temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius…

The case is perhaps unusual because the boyfriend agreed to have it done. I’ll say “agreed” with quotes actually, because I think there was probably some mental and/or psychological abuse going on in this relationship to be honest.

Ms. Parker had been cheated on by her boyfriend and she reminded him of that time he agreed to have his penis burnt by her hair straightener if he was ever unfaithful.

Judge Muscat has said she “told him to remove his penis from his shorts, which he did. He said you could ‘tap it’ with the straighteners. You took his penis in your hand and then, with the other, you placed straighteners on either side of the shaft before squeezing them.”

“I need not hear anything of the pain and shock which he then experienced.”

The victim required treatment in the Burns Unit of the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He did not initially go until his penis was “swollen, blistering, and black in colour” because of his embarrassment over the situation.

“In short, his penis will be scarred for life and he will suffer from a number of issues, including the proper function of his penis,” Judge Muscat said.

Ms. Parker told police that “it didn’t look too bad, it just looked as if you had cooked a piece of meat.” She thought it would only feel like sunburn.

What are your thoughts on the good behaviour sentence? Should the fact the boyfriend “agreed” to it come into consideration?

Although there is tremendous physical pain involved in this story it is psychological mind fucking that scares me as well. If you’re in a relationship with someone that involves subjugation, jealousy, and hair straighteners on standby please do me a favour and get the fuck out of this relationship.

In fact, I think we should all brush up on our “how to spot a psychopath” skills via this write up from Alex earlier in the week.

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