Woman Calls Out ‘Daddy Privilege’ In Viral Video

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Woman Calls Out 'Daddy Privilege' In Viral Video@chloebluffcakes/TikTok

A mother has called out ‘daddy privilege’ after her husband was hailed as a ‘hero’ for balancing childcare and running errands.

Chloe Sexton (@chloebluffcakes) recently racked up more than 4.4 million views on TikTok in her video addressing the phenomenon of ‘daddy privilege’, which is essentially fathers being praised for the bare minimum because it somehow bucks the trend of lazy dads, while mums are just expected to do the heavy-lifting – and juggling – when it comes to kids.


Chloe, who owns BluffCakes bakery in Memphis, Tennessee, has been praised after frankly discussing how the perception shifts when her husband looks after their old six-month-old son Theodore.

@chloebluffcakesIt’s the daddy hero treatment for me 🙃♬ original sound – Chloe

‘I have a business, my husband has a job. I could not make that any clearer,’ she says, explaining how she has to make a trip to buy wholesale ingredients in bulk at Restaurant Depot every week.


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She often has to ‘wear’ Theodore there, and she even went when she was ‘massively pregnant’ to buy ‘400lb of flour and 100lb of butter… and, like, it’s a weekly thing. The list goes on and on. It’s a lot’.

Recently, her husband offered to go get the ingredients for her, as it was her day off. As it was his day with the baby, he took him along too. ‘When I tell you the way this man was treated like a hero. A hero. Mind you, those same people see me there every single week,’ she says.

Meanwhile, when Chloe does her errands, it’s ‘nothing to see here, just a woman doing woman things, busting her ass… he’s not a hero. He’s literally just a father, just a parent, doing the same sh*t I do every week’.


The video has also amassed thousands of comments, with people reiterating Chloe’s complaints. ‘The bar is literally on the ground for fathers. It’s sad,’ one user wrote.

‘Greatness is expected of women but are somehow never appreciated for it,’ another wrote. ‘Somehow we gotta stop making dads think that basic parental duties deserve public praise and applause,’ a third commented.

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    It’s the daddy hero treatment for me 🙃