Woman Calls Out ‘Racist’ Customer Who ‘Bullied’ Two Hispanic Women


A woman who came to the defence of two Spanish speaking women while they were being harassed by a racist shopper has been hailed across social media as a hero.

Video posted on Monday shows the unsung samaritan threatening to ring the police as the woman continues to accost the two innocent women.

‘You don’t harass people,’ the woman says. ‘Hey, get out of here! Now!’ The prejudiced woman hakes her finger as she tries to talk over the defender, who doesn’t miss a beat.

‘Do not. I am calling the cops,’ the woman says, adding, ‘You leave these women alone. Get out. Go!’

The harasser tries to say she’s ‘from a different generation,’ but the hero says ‘respect and it does not matter.’

‘You will lose it. You will lose it. You will lose this country,’ the other woman says, who is then followed by the hero who continues to slate her remarks.

The two continue their way to the front of the store and can be heard bickering as they get further away.

The racists repeats the woman will ‘lose this country’ again but her attempts at arguing are trumped by the Good Samaritan, who says, ‘This woman needs to be escorted out of here. You do not harass Hispanic ladies.’

Faby VelSa, one of the Spanish-speaking women from the video, has since shared the encounter on Facebook which has gone viral.

Yo nunca pensé que esto me fuera a pasar a mi. Estábamos una amiga y yo platicando en la tienda en español y de repente llega una señora a insultarnos que si vivíamos en este país no teníamos que hablar español que tendríamos que hablar sólo inglés. Gracias a la otra muchacha (que no conocemos) nos defendió y llamó a la policia, Y creo que se llevaron arrestada a la señora que nos estaba agrediendo. Siempre vi los videos en las redes y me daba coraje y hoy, que fue mi caso puedo decir que sentí una gran impotencia.

Posted by Faby VelSa on Monday, 1 October 2018

She captioned the video:

I never thought that this would happen to me.

We were a friend and I was talking in the store in Spanish and suddenly a lady came to insult us that if we lived in this country we did not have to speak Spanish that we would have to speak only English. Thanks to the other girl (who we do not know) she defended us and called the police, and I think the lady who was attacking us was arrested.

I always saw the videos on the networks and it gave me courage and today, which was my case, I can say that I felt a great helplessness.

Many on social media came out in support of the hero and the two women, with one saying:

Out that racist! Her family, neighbors, friends, co workers and boss need to see what a garbage person that old bat is. Out her now!!!

Another said:

Good stuff. Fair play to that lady for standing up against bullying, because that’s all it was. Shop should bar the “patriot” from coming back… Because she’s no patriot.

A third added:

You know, when I see stuff like this, it’s a bunch of sour old people. Do you just hate your life so much you want to ruin others as well? Stroke out and let it be. Damn.

It is unknown where the video was filmed.

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