Woman Conned Dozens Of Guys Into Going On Mass Tinder Date

Nastah Aponte Tinder date scam@combvdhai/Twitter

Welcome to modern-day dating in the 21st century. It’s a hellish landscape which has placed us at the mercy of algorithms and a process of elimination.

Thanks to apps like Tinder, dating in 2018 has become a death pit where singletons will do or say anything to find a significant other. Tinder, in particular, has spawned several stories, some cute and adorable, others horrific and downright disgusting. Then you have those odd occasions where it’s so ridiculous and funny, you don’t even know what to think.

The diabolical plan of one young woman, who recently conned a bunch of guys into taking her on a date, is the perfect plan…

I say ‘diabolical’ but in truth, it’s so malicious, it’s actually good. It took a month of careful planning but somehow, Natasha Aponte gathered a mass of single blokes, whom she matched with on the dating app, and made them compete against each other.

The prize: a date with Natasha.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘who would go to all this trouble, fighting off tons of other single men, just to go on a date’? Well, never underestimate the power of desperation.

Natasha used Tinder to trick dozens of men to meet her at Union Square, New York, under the pretence they’d be taking her on a date, but when they arrived, they discovered they’d be competing against one another a-lá Hunger Games-style.

Natasha’s plan was exposed by a man – who goes by the name Misha – in a Twitter thread, which has since gone viral, after he fell for her scam.

According to Misha, he matched with Natasha on Tinder ‘a few weeks’ ago. They started off by exchanging messages on the app, which soon moved over to texting on their phones. Fairly standard dating procedure in 2018.

After more messages being exchanged, she told Misha she was busy with a work ‘presentation’. However, she promised to text him again when she had more free time. Oh, that old chestnut.

After a few weeks of ghosting, which is customary in online relationships, Misha received a text from Natasha out of the blue, asking if he still wanted to meet up. They agreed to meet in Union Square where a ‘friend’ was DJing – and several other single guys were waiting as well. Maybe it was a popular meeting site?

Up to that point, nothing had registered as ‘off’ to Misha. He started to realise something was suspicious when he noticed ‘many people were staying around and paying attention so attentively’.

I could explain the rest of the story but Misha’s thread will do the story better justice.

Just read this ridiculousness:

It reminds me of the quote from Usual Suspects (I won’t mention the POS who said it though).

It goes:

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Now, I’m not saying Natasha Aponte is the devil (far from it actually), but it was an awesome trick. Let this be a warning for those dating in 2018 and beyond.

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