Woman Debunks Video With ‘Adopted Disabled Child’ After Finding Out He’s Norwegian Footballer

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Woman Debunks Video With 'Adopted Disabled Child' After Finding Out He's Norwegian Footballer@neens/TikTok

A TikToker exposed an ‘adopted disabled child’ account after discovering he was actually a Norwegian footballer.

As of August 12, there are no videos to be seen on the @adoptedanddisabledchild account. Prior to being debunked, it featured a number of clips with a blonde man and his supposedly disabled friend.


Each video amassed a number of supportive comments, praising him and calling him a ‘hero.’ One woman thought something was off about it – and she was right.


‘They have all these videos on their account of this kid who is adopted and disabled, and I thought it was satire off the bat, so I sent it to all my friends, and they’re like, ‘You know, that’s so sick. Why do you think this is funny? It’s obviously not a joke’,’ TikToker @neens said in her exposé.

While she believed it was satire, she kept seeing comments that appeared to be none the wiser, with the creator himself responding and liking people’s messages. ‘Damn touched my soul right there,’ one wrote. ‘Sending my love from the US,’ another wrote.

Her suspicions ramped up with the comments. (@neens/TikTok)@neens/TikTok

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The latter comment gave the game away, as the TikToker discovered the commenter wasn’t from the US – he’s from Norway, and his photos featured the ‘child’ in the video.

She soon discovered they were supposedly affiliated with a Norwegian football team, so she looked up the roster. Soon after, she found ‘Stian’s’ real name: Daniel Tørressen Eikeland, plus his team and age. ‘Sorry I’m exploiting you right now sir but you did everyone dirty,’ she said.

The TikToker debunked the account. (@neens/TikTok)@neens/TikTok

It turns out he even played in a recent match. ‘If he was actually disabled, I feel like it would have been hard for him to play in this game two weeks ago for 16 minutes,’ she added. ‘So, I’m debunking that the adopted and disabled child is adopted or disabled – this is coming from a girl who has gotten cheated on and can find your family in a matter of three seconds.’

In addition to the account in question removing all of its videos, @neens has racked up nearly eight million views on her video, with thousands of comments praising her. ‘Women with wine, a slouchy sweater and access to the internet are an unfunded American treasure,’ one wrote. ‘The FBI could never,’ another joked.

‘I MEANT I THOUGHT IT WAS SATIRICAL THEY WOULD TRY TO PASS THIS OFF AS GENUINE, I would never laugh at someone’s disabilities,’ the TikToker also wrote.

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