Woman Dyed Blue After Boyfriend Hijacks Her Bubble Bath

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Woman Dyed Blue After Boyfriend Hijacks Her Bubble BathKristen Hanby/Facebook

A loving boyfriend ostensibly ran a nice bubble bath for his girlfriend. An hour later, she was dyed blue from head to toe. 

As Jasmine Woodward strolled into the bathroom, ready for a soak after a long day, she probably had no idea of what was coming.


Her partner, Kristen Hanby – a prolific YouTuber, both of whom regularly pull pranks on one another – added a special ingredient to the hot, soapy water: fabric dye.

Check out Kristen’s blue dye prank below: 


I DYED MY GIRLFRIEND BLUE!!!! 😳🤯😂how epic was this from 0 to 100???

Posted by Kristen Hanby on Thursday, August 27, 2020

With a mixture of her favourite Radox Muscle Soak bubble bath and a full Dylon fabric dye in the bathtub, Jasmine was quickly turned into the ‘world’s angriest smurf’, as Kristen dubbed her.


Shortly after coming out the bath, and moving on from seething anger to silent resentment, Jasmine says: ‘It’s not funny. Look at the colour of me!’ However, that doesn’t stop Kristen’s constant, hysterical laughter. ‘You f*cking Avatar,’ he says, cackling.

Blue Dye PRANKKristen Hanby/Facebook

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By the end of the video, Jasmine tries to shower again, screaming: ‘It’s not coming off!’ However, just before the clip ends, she can be seen laughing – if only briefly.

Posted to Kristen’s Facebook page, the practical joke has already racked up more than 165,000 reactions and tens of thousands of comments. That said, not all of them are particularly complimentary of the prankster.

Blue Dye PRANK 2Kristen Hanby/Facebook

‘I would break up. This is too far for me,’ one user wrote, while another added: ‘It’s harmful to the skin… you should care more about her health instead of having fun.’

However, one user also wrote: ‘Absolutely classic, definitely one of the funniest I’ve seen so far. I’m in stitches. I give you 1000!!!’ 1,000 what? I don’t know, but they obviously liked the prank.

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Kristen Hanby/Facebook
  1. Kristen Hanby/Facebook