Woman Finds Creepy Passages And Crawl Places In Brand-New Home

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Woman Finds Creepy Passages and Crawl Places In Brand-New Home@j__luxe/TikTok

A woman has discovered a number of unnerving spots and creepy crawl spaces in her rental home.

From the very first video J Babii uploaded, people were hooked. In the beginning, it was just one strange opening in the floor with a random shoe inside that didn’t belong to her. When she was brave enough, she finally ventured inside head-first, finding thumbtacks everywhere and a message on one of the walls.


However, the mysteries only ran further, seeming to uncover a whole network of crawl spaces around her home. Whey they were built and who used them remains unclear.


The first crawl space appears to lead through to a separate opening to a room on the ground floor. On one of the walls, there’s a carved-out message which reads, ‘I heart Colleen’s body’. She also found an ‘actual safe room’ with bolted locks.

In another video, @j__babii had a look behind a mysterious window on the stairwell, only to find another eerie space filled with leaves and a tennis beginner’s badge, not to mention the door to another crawl space. She’s still not entirely clear where it leads; initially, she thought it might be the garage, but there may also be a whole other room in the house.


The videos have racked up millions of views and thousands of comments with a mixture of intrigue and concern. ‘I think a kidnapped child probably lived in there at one point,’ one user wrote. ‘Living in a killer’s house,’ another commented.


‘I would put security cameras in the everywhere in the house there could be people just chilling in the walls in hidden places you haven’t found yet,’ one wrote, to which the TikToker (@j__luxe on Instagram) replied, ‘So the weird thing is the owners left 16 working security cameras for me.’


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‘You should do some research on your house just to see if there were any crimes or stuff going on in your house because I get BAD vibes from this place,’ another wrote.


In her most recent video, she phoned her landlord to enquire about the crawl spaces. She didn’t get an answer, and there hasn’t been another video since.

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J Babii/TikTok
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