Woman Flies 4,000 Miles To Tag Friend In International Game

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jun 2018 15:16
Georgina Wilkinson/Facebook

We all love tag don’t we? A thinking kid’s game, all about hyper-awareness, dreaming to dare, and above all else, being really fast.


For those who never lived their best lives as children, tag, also called touch, or tig, is a game in which, in its simplest form, the player who is ‘it’ chases the other players, trying to touch one of them, thereby making that person ‘it.’

The game is known by many names, such as leapsa in Romania and kynigito in parts of modern Greece. In some variants the children pretend that the touch carries some form of contagion—e.g., plague (Italy), leprosy (Madagascar), fleas (Spain), or ‘lurgy fever’ (Great Britain), according to Brittanica.

‘In others, a method of achieving immunity from touch is prescribed, as by touching wood, iron, or a specified colour or assuming a particular position (e.g., squatting),’ the site writes. ‘Often limitations or handicaps are imposed on the chaser: the child may be required to clasp hands and imitate a horned animal (stag, bull, or goat) or squat and hop like a frog while the others caper freely around him.’


Might sound a bit silly, but adult tag is a serious business, don’t cha know. Let me rephrase that. Grown ups playing tag. Adult tag sounds suspect.

Anyhoo, an American woman engaged in a deeply-competitive game of international tag flew 4,000 miles to the UK simply to tell her friend ‘you’re it’ before immediately flying home.

Girl flies to UK for game of tagGirl flies to UK for game of tagGeorgina Wilkinson/Facebook

Drew McEwan was stunned when Georgina Wilkinson dressed up as a gardener and stamped him as ‘it’ during his niece’s christening.

Drew was simply posing for photos at Loch Lomond in southern Scotland at the time of the move.

Georgina told UNILAD:

There’s a group of 10 of us and we’ve been playing for six years. We’re spaced all over the world, from Sydney to me in the USA.

The tags started off small with my friend Glen travelling from Manchester to London to get me in my office at work and then they slowly built up to last year when my friend Charlotte flew to North Carolina to get me in a haunted museum.

We play in June and December and there’s only one tag each time so we’re done for June now. Our only rules are no backsies (you cant get the person who got you) and you have to immediately leave and run away.

They met in 2010 in China, at a student program. Georgina said Drew was one of only a few people who hadn’t yet been ‘got’. Such is the relationship between Georgia and Drew’s family, they actually put his niece’s christening on that date because it’s the only date she could do.

Georgina Wilkinson/Facebook

Georgina added:

I messaged his brother on Facebook and he got his two sisters involved. We had a few weeks of brainstorming of how to get Drew to Scotland as he actually lives in London and his sister came up with the plan of using her daughter’s christening!

We discussed me hiding in the water underneath a pier, me dressing up as the priest or rowing over in a boat, but we thought disrupting this actual ceremony was a bit too far so in the end settled for the pictures afterwards.

I was actually meant to be doing a watercolour on the shores but it was raining on the day so we had to quickly change plans. His sister bought me the gardening gloves and some small tools and we made the same outfit work as a disguise.

Surely the flights must have set her back a lot of money just to make someone ‘it’? Apparently not.

She explained:

These days you can get really good deals with carriers like Norwegian. People seem to think I charted a jet and nipped across the ocean setting fire to a few notes on the way, but I’m actually not a billionaire!

I had to fly with stopovers in New York and London to be able to afford it. I also had six months to plan and save once I was tagged last December so overall it’s not that bad.

This is seriously inspired. Keep doing you, guys.

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