Woman Found With Loaded Handgun Inside Vagina At Traffic Stop

Woman Found With Loaded Handgun Inside Vagina At Traffic StopPexels

A woman in Missouri was found with a loaded handgun in her vagina during a traffic stop, it has emerged.

Anika Witt, 27, pleaded guilty to two felony charges as part of a reduced sentence agreement.

She was stopped with Clinton McDonald, 29, on Interstate 55 north of Bloomington, Illinois.

Among the possessions found in their car were ecstasy and heroin.

Witt faces up to 25 years in prison – 10 for the gun and 15 for possession of class A drugs – after appearing at Circuit Court in McLean County, Illinois.

The Kimber .380 handgun was 5.6 inches long and weighed 13.4 ounces without ammo, The Smoking Gun reports.

Woman Found With Loaded Handgun Inside Vagina At Traffic StopPolice Handout

People on social media took to the news in their own special way, with one commenter writing:

Well, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to walk around with a loaded micro 1911 all up in your business all day. Seems like something that would be uncomfortable and get worse by the hour.

Another said:

How the hell is that even possible?! Seriously, she has to have the barrel inside & the butt hanging out. DO NOT see how it would possible to insert the whole gun!

A third questioned:

How did plan on using this gun if needed? Cough and hope for a quick drop? Things like this used to shock me but not anymore as it seems so many people have chosen to become criminals rather than law abiding citizens. Why any woman would try and conceal a weapon in this fashion just brings up so many questions that will never have an answer.

I mean, I suppose this is… maybe… an achievement? No no. Guns are bad and so are drugs. regardless of whether or not you can stuff them inside your private parts.

Act responsibly kids!