Woman Gets Creepy Surprise From Man She Blocked On Twitter


The internet may be one of the best and worst inventions of all time. On one hand, it allows you to talk to people from all over the world. On the other, they could turn out to be massive weirdos. 

Lydia Shelly, a lawyer from Sydney, Australia, had some Twitter beef with a complete stranger and it escalated pretty quickly.

lydia-shellyLydia Shelly/Twitter

Basically, some guy messaged Lydia asking her opinions on TV personality Sonia Kruger’s controversial call for the halt of Muslim migration to Australia.

Unfortunately Lydia was too busy and claims to have politely told the man she would reply to his message at a later date.

Lydia then wrote an article about the migration debate, but the bloke who messaged her was really pissed off that she hadn’t responded to him first. Really petty shit, I know.

So, naturally, Lydia blocked him.

She told Metro:

When the article came out a short while later he was upset that I hadn’t answered him and instead I wrote the article.

I blocked him as he didn’t like it when I privately said that he didn’t have any entitlement to my time and how I prioritized it.

That’s normally where keyboard warriors stop. Not this time.

The guy took it upon himself to find Lydia’s work address down so he could send her a postcard. It arrived a couple of days later, to Lydia’s amazement.

1Lydia Shelly/Twitter

The postcard reads:

I wanted to tell you how sad I was that you blocked me on Twitter after we’d had a calm and respectful dialogue. I did not make demands on you as you claimed. You are not a person who wants or helps good dialogue, Peter Ford.

Lydia described the postcard, which was taken from the Monsoon Poon Trading House Restaurant, as ‘Creepy. Entitled. Weird. Not ok.’

The fact this man went out of his way to track Lydia down is pretty fucking creepy.