Woman Attacks Then Rams Man’s Car In Brutal Video

road rage 1Twitter/ALLHAILTARON

A woman appeared to destroy her boyfriend’s car by smashing the windows and ramming his rear bumper in a shocking video rampage.

It’s safe to say this one escalates very quickly, indeed – the footage begins with the woman getting out of her own car and waving at the man, as he stands at a window in his house filming her.

The man sounding worried, says:

She’s not even supposed to be here. She claims I’m abusing and harassing her but clearly I’m not.


The man heads outside when it appears that she’s driven off and points his camera towards a huge scratch along the entire length of his vehicle.

Suddenly, as he walks behind the car, her black Mercedes rams into the back of the vehicle, narrowly avoiding the man, before shooting off down the road.

In the footage, the man’s voice can be heard saying:

She knocked my vehicle into my neighbour’s vehicle, and now she is reversing.

giphy (2) RaresNoSquares x CartierGang TV

The woman, clearly furious, then throws the car into reverse and drives backwards down the road, stopping in front of his house.

She gets out of the car and confronts the man, asking:

Is this how you’re going to treat me? After all the shit I’ve done for you, this is how you treat me? Really?

The man then goes back inside before claiming the woman has smashed the rear window of his car.

The clip has been shared on YouTube by RaresNoSquares x CartierGang TV and already has more than a million views.

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It’s thought the incident occurred in Boston in the U.S. and it’s not known whether the footage has been handed to police.

All we know is we definitely wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this woman!