Woman Goes On Huge Rant To Facebook Over “Inappropriate” Family Picture


When you first see this photo, you immediately think ‘ah what the fuck is that’, before coming to your senses and doing a little giggle.

This woman looked at the photo, and missed the second stage and decided to repost the image and go on a furious rant about why it is inappropriate.

The innocent holiday photo, at first look, appears to be a bold guy fingering himself on a boat with a woman perched on his shoulder.


It quickly becomes clear that the woman just has her legs over him and his hand placement is unfortunate and pretty hilarious.

One of their friends couldn’t see past the optical illusion and said it makes them ‘fucking sick’ and shamed the couple as ‘classles [sic] pile of horse turds.

In an angry Facebook post, she wrote:

STUFF LIKE THIS MAKES ME FUCKING SICK! THIS IS FACEBOOK. kids are on here. parents are on here. the law is on here. show some respect YOU CLASSLES PILE OF HORSE TURDS. I already reported this photo and told my neighbourhood to report you as well. THIS type of post is not allowed.

Wow this is so embarrassing for her. I wish I was there when she realised her mistake.