Woman Had To Be Rescued After Getting Finger Stuck In Toilet Flusher

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Jun 2021 15:10
Woman Had To Be Rescued After Getting Finger Stuck In Toilet Flusher@kayahxnt/TikTok

I’m sure everyone can recall a time when they’ve had a stranger witness them in an unfortunate situation, but having that ordeal take place in the cramped cubicle of a public bathroom just makes things all the more cringe-worthy. 

One person who knows this all too well is the friend of TikToker Kaya, from the UK, who documented her poor pal’s conundrum for all to see.


Of course, I’m sure Kaya did what she could to help her friend when the situation first unfolded, but when staff members were brought in to help, she really didn’t have any choice but to take a step back… and start filming.

Check out her video below:


The ordeal began when Kaya’s friend, who hasn’t been named, went to flush the toilet in a public bathroom. A sign above the flusher clearly stated that users should ‘press both buttons to flush’, but when the woman went to do so, her finger somehow ended up becoming wedged in the mechanism.


Having presumably sent Kaya to get help, a member of staff could then be seen bending over the toilet to get a closer look at the situation. It seems he couldn’t offer much help though, and soon several more people could be seen crammed into the small cubicle in an effort to help separate the hand from the flusher.

Kaya couldn’t help but find comedy in the unfortunate situation, captioning the video, ‘I am crying, all the staff had to help her.’

Staff members helping woman who was stuck (kayahxnt/TikTok)@kayahxnt/TikTok

Baffled TikTok users questioned exactly how the woman had managed to get her fingers stuck simply by flushing the toilet, and Kaya explained that the issue stemmed from her nails, which were ‘so long’ and had presumably become wedged between the button and its border.


Kaya didn’t document the moment her friend was finally freed from her trap, but she has since assured on TikTok that she’s ‘all good’. It’s unclear whether her nails survived the situation, but hopefully she’ll be wary when it comes to those pesky flusher buttons in the future!

Featured Image Credit: @kayahxnt/TikTok

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    I am crying, all the staff had to help her