Woman ‘Has Evidence’ She Could Be Madeleine McCann


A woman’s joke has gone viral after she claimed to have evidence that she is in fact missing girl Madeleine McCann.

Harriet Brookes initially messaged her friends to share her theory after realising she has some incredibly striking resemblances to the missing child.

However, Harriet’s ‘theory’ quickly went viral after screenshots from the group chat were posted on Twitter by her friend Elizabeth,


Firstly, Harriet, from Manchester, posted a photo of herself as a child next to a picture of Madeleine, and the two girls look almost identical.

However, the most compelling piece of evidence or ‘exhibit B’ as Harriet described it, lies in their eyes…

It turns out Harriet shares a couple of very distinct physical characteristucs with Madeleine.


She posted an extract from Wikipedia revealing that both her and Madeleine have a brown spot on their iris, and a brown spot on their left leg.

Since it was shared, the post has racked up over 30,000 retweets, but of course it isn’t true.

When Madeleine disappeared in Portugal in 2007, she was just three years old and would be 14 now, while Harriet is a university student and – more crucially – a completely different person…