Woman Mortified After Bizarre Pizza Delivery Blunder

by : Julia Banim on : 07 Jun 2021 18:52
Woman Mortified After Bizarre Pizza Delivery BlunderTikTok/breenana999 / PA Images

Sometimes you will find yourself navigating a blunder so embarrassing, you know it will continue to haunt you at random moments for some time to come.

This usually happens just before you go to sleep, or when you’re trying to enjoy a nice relaxing walk. And it would appear to be the case for TikToker @breenana999, who recently shared an extremely relatable video about her daft pizza delivery blunder.


In the clip, @breenana999 remarked that she was ‘thinking about the time I grabbed the whole bag from the pizza man bc I didn’t know how it worked’, before showing Ring cam footage of her doing just that.

Check it out below:


In the footage, @breenana999 can be seen making a grab for the bag, which would have most likely contained a number of piping hot pizzas for other hungry households.


The pizza delivery guy can be seen grinning as @breenana999 tries to pull the entire bag inside, no doubt being well-used to customers getting mixed up during the all-important handover process.

We don’t see what happened next – as the Ring cam stopped recording at this point – but in the comment section, @breenana999 revealed she asked him ‘how does this work?’ to which he replied, ‘I can do it’.

Sharing the clip with her followers, a blushing @breenana999 sighed:

I have so many questions tho. Why did he let me grab it? why didn’t he tell me right away? Why did he let me attempt to open the bag?

Pizza delivery blunder (@breenana999/TikTok)@breenana999/TikTok

In the comments, @breenana999 explained her parents were usually the ones to collect the pizza from the door, but this time she was ordering solo, hence her confusion. Plus, as she rightly pointed out, movies make pizza delivery look so much easier, with delivery guys simply handing the box over.

Many of those commenting on the video could relate wholeheartedly to @breenana999’s face-palm moment, with one empathetic person writing:

This would be me since I never get food delivered.


Another wrote:

Delivery girl here. Don’t worry, it happens often. It’s our part to make the client aware. I always say that I would give it away with pleasure but I kinda need it. It’s okay, nothing to be ashamed of.

Pizza delivery blunder (@breenana999/TikTok)@breenana999/TikTok

Honestly, I can relate all too well to being so desperately ready for a takeaway that your brain becomes completely overwhelmed by the welcome sight of the delivery guy/fast food angel on the doorstep. @breenana999, you are not alone.


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/breenana999 and PA Images.

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