Woman Pulls Back Carpet And Finds Secret Basement She Had No Idea Was There


Woman Pulls Back Carpet And Finds Secret Basement She Had No Idea Was ThereUnfortunateexistance/TikTok

A woman has discovered she has a secret basement in her home after pulling up an old carpet, and it’s creeping everyone out.

TikTok user @unfortunateexistence had no knowledge of the extra space in her property before she found a trap door while renovating her home.


In a video posted to the social media platform, that has now amassed almost 14 million views, she is heard saying ‘Honey we have a basement, look, we have a f*cking basement’.

@unfortunateexistanceThis just happened and I’m still in shock♬ original sound – THAT bitch

Captioning the video, she wrote: ‘When you pull the carpet off your floor and FIND A BASEMENT YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT.’


Her creepy discovery has shocked followers, with many likening the incident to that of a horror movie plot.

‘Nah this is how horror films start, I’d leave,’ one person wrote. Another said: ‘This is 2021. This is not the year to open that up.’


Following requests from many of her followers, the woman also posted a number of videos trying to conjure enough courage to go down into the basement.

‘We were gonna go down there and I was gonna film it, but there was a humming noise and my friends were freaked out and wanted to go home,’ she said in one video.

‘I’m not going to go down there, I’m pretty afraid, it’s very unsettling the vibes are not immaculate,’ she added.


To add to the potential horror that could be in her basement, she said, ‘In the middle of the night every single light in our house turned on, every single light.’

Eventually, she took the plunge and ventured down there, only to discover a mostly empty space, bar an old chair, headboard and a few ‘red stains’ on the floor.

In a recent video, she showed several window-like holes in the basement wall that she believes lead to other rooms, however, she said she’s not prepared to venture into those just yet.


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Unfortunate Existence/TikTok
  1. Unfortunate Existence/TikTok


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