Woman Records Her Horror Car Crash On Snapchat

Derbyshire police

Hideous footage of a girl filming herself singing on Snapchat, before she crashes her car has been released and it’s seriously shocking. 

The disturbing video starts out with the girl singing into her phone, while filming on Snapchat, but then it takes a horrifying turn for the worse as she crashes her car.

The terrifying film has now been released as part of the #Don’tStreamandDrive campaign, encouraging people not to live-stream from the wheel, the Mirror reports.

Derbyshire police

After the smash, her phone can be seen lying face up in the car as the footage continues, but luckily, the end clip shows her alive in a hospital bed, albeit covered in blood…

She sent another Snapchat message saying:

My bed for the night. Lucky to be alive.

The awful video was put together by Derbyshire police and CREST Derbyshire in the hopes to show the harrowing impact, using social media while driving could have on a person.

A Derbyshire police spokesman said:

Having a facing camera on your smartphone can make it all too tempting to film yourself at the wheel, whether it’s to moan about the traffic, muse about your day, or belt out the latest number one.

Apps such as Snapchat and Facebook can then encourage drivers to send their videos and photos to their mates. But filming yourself while driving – or using your phone for anything at all – means you are massively distracted, and distracted driving can be fatal.

Our message is don’t stream and drive. Put your phone away, keep your eyes on the road, and stay safe. If you don’t, you could cause a collision that leads to serious injury or death.

It’s simply not acceptable to put your life or the lives of others at risk, just for the sake of sharing a video or selfie of yourself.

Here’s the unnerving video:

The video comes at the same time as new laws have banned mobile phones at the wheel completely, with a £200 fine and six penalty points awarded to those who do not follow these.

Really scary footage. That girl is so lucky she made it out alive…