Woman Reveals Hilarious Translations Of Irish Names

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Woman Reveals Hilarious Translations Of Irish Names@niclanor/TikTok

Google can translate more than 100 languages, but apparently properly pronouncing Irish names is a step too far.

One Irish comedian has demonstrated the company’s blind spot to hilarious effect by using Google’s text-to-speech function to translate some common Irish names.


As Nic Lanor revealed through her experiment on TikTok, Google doesn’t even come close to getting thing right, butchering every single Irish name that it’s given, much to the comedian’s amusement.

And while it might be forgiven for not getting some of the names that aren’t as common outside of Ireland, such as Diarmuid and Caoimhe, Google even manages to struggle with some of the more popular Irish names, like Niamh and Sinead, which have become common in other English-speaking countries .


The clips have gone down a storm on Irish social media, with people even calling on Nic to get Google to translate their own names and share the results.


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‘Love that she seemed to consistently give up about three letters in,’ one person wrote, with another commenting, ‘Diarmuid sounded like diarrheoa.’

But others pointed out that failing to pronounce Irish names wasn’t just limited to Google, with one person recalling, ‘I used to work in a travel business dealing with Americans the whole time. The amount of times I was called a weird pronunciation of Aoife 😂 my fave one was Woofy.’

So it seems like the moral of the story is that if you’re ever wondering how to pronounce someone’s name, maybe don’t Google it.

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