Woman Shares ‘Genius’ Life Hack That’ll Help You Fall Asleep On A Plane

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 24 Oct 2021 14:23
Woman Shares 'Genius' Life Hack That'll Help You Fall Asleep On A Plane@hellokristen/TikTok

A woman has shared her ‘genius’ life hack for being able to get some much-needed rest on your flight. 

Screaming babies, children kicking the back of your seat and a general fear of falling asleep in case your head ends up rolling onto the shoulder of the stranger sat next to you – flying on a plane does not make catching some rest easy.


However, a TikToker has revealed ‘the best idea of [her] life’ to comfortably sleep on a plane.


On her last flight, TikToker Kristen (@hellokristen) noted how she had a revelation as to how to be able to get some sleep while onboard.

If, like Kristen, you’ve tried multiple different travel neck pillows in the past, but similarly thought they all ‘sucked’, then have a look at this.


Instead, Kristen thought about items that weren’t necessarily made for the plane, in order to support her neck and get comfy enough to sleep.

TikToker Sleep Hack On Plane (@hellokristen/TikTok)@hellokristen/TikTok

Kristen revealed that she bought an actual ‘foam cervical collar’ from Walmart for seven dollars, commenting that if she is travelling for over eight hours,  she ‘does not care how [she] looks’ and it’s instead ‘all about comfort’.

The post has since amassed over 14,000 likes and 200 comments, with other users taking to the TikTok in awe of the new hack. One said: ‘Best idea ever!!!! Avid traveller here and it’s a great idea! Exactly what I want in comfort!’


Another wrote: 

Good idea! My neck is too long for the travel pillows they just do nothing for me.

A third commented: ‘This is genius.’

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